19 Reasons Buzzfeed Sucks

Buzzfeed sucks. If that statement offends you, you’re what’s wrong with America. If you don’t know what buzzfeed is (count yourself one of the lucky few), it’s a self-described “snapshot of the viral web in real time.” Basically what that translates into is a bunch of ADHD, zero-thought-required, pandering bulls*** (asterisks make it classy). It takes statements so generic and effortlessly digestible that they barely qualify as original thoughts, wraps them up in some easily google-able pics, tosses in some cat .gifs and voila, one internet. At best it’s a topic statement without the accompanying paragraph, at worst it’s an endless stream of tabloid-magazine cover headlines with even less intellectual content. If mental stimuli were diagrammed like the food pyramid, buzzfeed would be the “fats and sugars” section way at the top that’s supposed to make up only the tiniest fraction of your daily food intake…but just like the actual food pyramid, Americans refuse to exert even the smallest amount of willpower and instead consume as much as they can (“What if we put ice cream IN the rootbeer so I don’t lose those precious seconds between taking bites of dessert and slurping down soda! What do you mean diabetes is a thing?”) and as a result our mental obesity is almost as out of control as our country’s physical obesity (though less immediately outwardly visible).

such buzz, very feed

Buzzfeed capitalizes on all the worst traits of modern quantity-over-quality internet culture and contributes nothing of its own. This is evidenced by the fact that the most popular posts on buzzfeed’s site are their arbitrarily-numbered lists. Lists of what, you ask? Of everything (the 15 most ridiculous world leaders of all time). Of anything (20 reasons why going to the gym is a huge waste of time). Of nothing (20 doodles that show what we’re all thinking during business meetings). Essentially buzzfeed thinks so little of its readership that not only does it acknowledge the shallowness of its audience, it actually highlights it and throws it back in the face of that selfsame audience…and they don’t care! If a real life person condescended to you like that, you’d punch them in the genitals, but because a website has the audacity to publish the “51 Colorful and Delicious Ways to Eat Spring Vegetables” (I’m sorry, do you mean SALAD? Are you just describing what a salad is in 51 variations? Look man, I am a tax-paying adult, you can just say SALAD, ok?), you’re all like “Wow my three favorite flavors: spring, delicious AND colorful; and because it has vegetables in the title this counts as my workout for the day! More Ovaltine please!”

And before you get up in arms and start sending me links of my own numbered-list articles, please don’t be simple enough to think that this is an attack on numbered lists in and of themselves. I’m obviously not saying I have a problem with the idea of counting things, anymore than you’d be dense enough to think that buzzfeed invented numbering (I think MySpace did that with their Top 8. Or maybe it was prehistoric mankind. Hard to say). The problem here isn’t that the people at buzzfeed just make lists all day like some sort of OCD housewife (or househusband, if you’re lucky enough to be one of those), the problem is that buzzfeed doesn’t even have the decency to pretend that it’s engaging any of your higher brain functions. It’s not writing articles or original thoughts/observations to go along with these shockingly broad headlines, it’s literally just stating a category and then listing things that fall into that category. Then it stamps “win”, “WTF”, or “LOL” onto it so there’s no mistaking what you’re supposed to feel and calls it a day. Essentially buzzfeed is saying “All right you dumb f***ers, we both know you’re here just to engage with the absolute minimum of your intelligence but with the maximum amount of emotional payout, so here’s the 22 chubbiest cheeks of all time.” AND YOU STILL CLICKED IT. If the average human only uses about 10% of their brain, buzzfeed truly is the one percent. Hashtag occupy your brain.

But, like with most rants, the most visible issue isn’t the problem, it’s a symptom. Buzzfeed exists because it’s run by morons. But buzzfeed is popular because we’re a culture of morons (I said “we” just then to try and dial back the pretentiousness a bit and make it sound like I don’t think I’m better than you. Did it work?). If the government went all China on us and took buzzfeed off the internet tomorrow, it wouldn’t fix the actual issue: that we, as a society, don’t WANT to be engaged deeply. We don’t want thorough cortex stimulation on a daily/weekly/monthly/ever-ly basis, we just want to sit back and look at the happiest puppies of all time or compare ourselves to 47 actors from our childhood who’ve really let themselves go so we can feel better about ourselves. But why? I don’t know, specifically, because it’s probably all different reasons depending on the person or the day or our mood or any number of other factors upon which I could only speculate. But some overarching commonalities are: it’s easy — no opinion-formation or decision-making required, just a cursory knowledge of the subject listed and an affinity for visually-stimulating things; it’s a good time-waster for when you want to procrastinate the next work project or class paper. It’s a coping mechanism for tragedy: when something awful happens like the Boston Marathon attack or a Middle-Eastern wedding bombing or any of the other global atrocities that occur on a daily basis, it can be simpler to take refuge behind a sympathetic tweet and then lose yourself in a world where only happy things take place. But the same way that alcoholics or drug addicts self-medicate to forget or avoid the world of the real and potentially painful, hiding yourself in a bubble doesn’t fix or change anything, it only delays (and possibly magnifies) the consequences.

For all the bold language I’ve used here, I don’t want you to feel condemned or judged by me or anyone for something as silly as going to one website or another. I just want to encourage you (and by so doing, encourage myself) to use the beautiful blessing of our God-given intelligence to affect change in the real and magnificent and important ways that we’re able to, rather than wasting that precious gift on the 27 signs you were raised by Asian immigrant parents. Look, you need to blow off some steam or just unplug for a few minutes after something intense, I get it. But just make sure if you’re gonna have your dessert first that you leave room for your meat and potatoes as well (or your tofurkey for all you vegetarians out there). You’re a wonderful, unique, smart, and creative person, and I just want to see you use those abilities on someone/something that appreciates it, rather than waste your time, energy and skills on the 13 reasons Shakira should be president of the world. (I got nauseous just typing that).

Also if you’re thinking “Hey wait a second, I thought this article was called ’19 reasons Buzzfeed sucks’, where’s the list of reasons?” trust me the 19 reasons are in there, I just respect your intelligence/reading-comprehension enough to assume you’ll be able to absorb an article without me spelling out every single facet of what I’m saying in a bulleted list littered with cat .gifs. You’re welcome.

Play on,

PS And the worst buzzfeed crime of all? YOU DON’T START TITLES WITH A NUMBER YOU SPELL IT OUT YOU IGNORANT, ILLITERATE IMBECILES! It’s not “14 Taylor Swift Gang Signs Explained”, it’s “Fourteen Taylor Swift Gang Signs Explained”. For the love of God, can someone donate $14.95 to these assholes so they can buy an AP Stylebook like the one required in ANY collegiate or professional writers’ setting?? It killed me to not spell out the title of this post, but I was mimicking the buzzfeed layout. Yes, I did die a little inside when I did it, thanks for asking.

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As an added bonus for you, here are some extra, post-specific mini-rants on buzzfeed articles that I couldn’t find a way to work into the body of the column. I’m only linking to them to prove that I’m not making this asinine shite up, but don’t misread this as me wanting to send buzzfeed any extra traffic. If you really need to kill some time, then read a book, I beg you.

Also worth noting, the majority of these articles came from the “Big Stories” section of buzzfeed’s front page (or the “BS” section as I prefer to call it).

• Big Story: 26 things you’ll only get if you watch game of thrones. Glad to see that little dustup in North Korea is all taken care of, let’s get to the ACTUAL important news like whether or not winter is coming in a fictional HBO show universe.

• Big Story: Here are two people having sex on google street view. Wow, I guess depending on your context for “big” this story qualifies, I’m not sure how I got through my day before seeing this.

• Big Story: 31 reasons birth control exists. I couldn’t even bring myself to click on this link, although I was under the impression that there was only one reason birth control exists, and really, that should be plenty. I’m certain the next 30 reasons are just a list of reality television stars.

The 18 clumsiest deer. I actually thought about taking a razor to my wrists when I saw this one, but then I thought “No Dustin, if you do that, the buzzfeeders win.”

The 17 videos under 30 seconds guaranteed to make you laugh. This is buzzfeed in a nutshell: a finite list so there’s a clear short-term commitment, a 30-second time so your Ritalin-gulping ADD ass won’t have to wait for the generic emotions to start pouring over you, and a guarantee — let that sink in — a GUARANTEE to make you laugh so there’s no chance that your 30 seconds will be wasted for naught. Also if anyone could GUARANTEE you’d laugh at something, they’d be working for a tv or movie company making millions, not freelancing it in the dregs of the internet.

The 31 reasons Jay-Z and Beyonce are the greatest couple of all time. Only 31? They’re clearly not looking hard enough. Also, this is another of the many that you can file under the “no shit Sherlock” category. Can’t wait to see the buzzfeed article that’s “The 27 reasons sunshine is warm”.

The 13 most important versions of R. Kelly’s Ignition (remix). Oh well at least they kept it to only the IMPORTANT versions of the remix. I don’t have a dictionary handy, but I’d love to see the definition of the word “important” that can be skewed far enough to incorporate R. Kelly remixes (not even his original songs, freakin’ REMIXES).

Last and also least: This guy is obsessed with becoming a mermaid. But it runs a little counterintuitive to his previous obsession: to eventually get laid or find gainful employment ever again. But who am I to crush his dreams? My next obsession is to control gravity with my mind, I figure he and I have about an equal shot of achieving our goals. …We’ve gotta stop telling our kids that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up.

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61 thoughts on “19 Reasons Buzzfeed Sucks

  1. GB says:

    I’ll admit I’ve fallen for the occasional BuzzFeed link posted on Facebook or Twitter, but I’ve tried to resist the urge, because like you said, it’s nothing more than uninspired lists of vaguely related topics. At least sites like Cracked offer irreverent commentary!

    You left one out that induces heavy eye-rolling: “Here’s what (random life event) would’ve been like in (insert year of the past)”. I think they even did a day in the life of a high schooler……….in 2005. Enough already.

    • yeah, that is the absolute worst, i fully expect to see a list called “25 Ways to Beat a Dead Horse”

      • Everything is Cancer says:

        read fahrenheit 451
        look at buzzfeed
        read some more
        this shit show
        was predicted
        AS EARLY AS 1950
        Everything, down to the “dont offend anyone shit” to the constantly fluxuating things, articles turning to shit, the mind drinks less and less, in the words of Bradybury himself.

    • Illuminati Confirmed says:

      I googled that day in the life of a highschooler thing… One of the reccomended things was “Are these quotes by Christian Grey or a serial killer?” What the actual f*ck.

  2. adam says:

    How does everybody always forget The 13 Laziest Salmon? Seriously. Laziest Salmon.

    • i think the laziest salmon is whatever editor actually approved that article. reprehensible. good find on your part.

    • ashleyjamespryce says:

      Oh god, I clicked out of curiosity, it is literally (and I mean that in the actual sense and not simply for emphasis) just pictures of salmon. That’s it. Just pics of salmon being salmon. Salmon swimming, salmon being caught, salmon just being salmon.

      • Right? Classic lazy salmon move. Thank you, buzzfeed, for another spectacular piece of journalism.

      • Kang-A-Lang says:

        What’s really sad is that there are people who have journalism degrees who are “writing” these articles. Some poor 22-year-old, fresh out of college, dreaming of being the next Nelly Bly or Upton Sinclair, having to pay his dues before he can get that call to be on Dateline or 20/20, got stuck having to write “13 People, Places, and Things That Are Nouns”.

  3. Eric says:

    Oh my god… Who fucking cares? It’s funny and this is the Internet for fuck sake!

  4. […] sites or other sources that actually add value to the content. Well, I ran across this post listing 19 reasons why Buzzfeed Sucks. I agree with the whole thing except for the part about root beer floats. That’s like saying […]

  5. Bruce says:

    Great post. Agreed 100%.

  6. Mickey Kit says:

    It’s like Reddit without the occasional thinking.
    Oh wait, it just is Reddit without the occasional thinking.

  7. Nate says:

    This article is incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever commented on anything online before (because I generally think it’s pretty idiotic to argue with strangers in comments), but this article perfectly verbalized by anger at every buzzfeed post I see on facebook.

  8. poop says:

    the worst part is that half the content is just regurgitated from other sites with a big ass semi-related picture added that takes up 80% of your screen. while they do give credit to the originals, they pretty much depend on non-original content for the majority of their popular “articles”

  9. Brenny says:

    I’m sorry but I just don’t understand why Buzzfeed is such a big deal to you, I understand what you’re saying but people are well aware it’s a time waster and nothing that serious. You act surprised that Americans display this “mental obesity” but this has been happening for how long????? Why is Buzzfeed any different than another stupid website on the internet. Like why this does this specific site frustrate you so much that you had to write a full article on it? It’s a waste of YOUR time to be so concerned with how other people waste their time.

    I feel like you wrote this because you know a title like “19 Reasons Buzzfeed sucks” would get people’s attention and they would click on it to read your post….titles like that get people to read your shit; it works, clearly. Just like how Buzzfeed makes the same titles, and it successfully gets people to read it. It’s just something to do, something to post, something to read, why does everything have to be educational or well thought out. Buzzfeed is really not that important to anyone, I just don’t see the point of this article.

    • …I’m going to go ahead and title this comment “Congratulations, Point Missed!”

      Anyone who didn’t stop reading the post halfway would see that I literally already answered all of your questions in my closing paragraphs. That said, at no point do I act “surprised” that Americans display this mental obesity, I’m simply disappointed. Like an analogy would be if you turned on the news and saw there’d been a car wreck on the freeway, you wouldn’t be surprised (as car accidents are quite common), but you might still be sad for the people involved. And (again, as I ALREADY STATED above), it’s not this one site alone that frustrates me, it’s that this site is one of the more visible symptoms of a culture-wide disease that has spread. I’d go into more detail, but you’ve probably already stopped reading this comment about now since halfway appears to be about as far as you go. I am in no way concerned with how other people waste their time, I’m concerned with how people waste my time by posting pointless BS all over my social media timelines. And this article wasn’t a waste of my time to write, because I enjoy writing, and I write fast.

      As for your second paragraph, as a dude who blogs when and if he feels like it, I generally couldn’t care less about getting people’s attention with my posts. As you’ll note, the site is ad-free, so while I’m always happy to have more visitors to the blog (the more the merrier!), I really have zero motivation to generate click bait just to fuel my own ego or whatever you think my motivations for that sort of thing might be.

      AGAIN, as I already said in my original post, everything DOESN’T have to be educational or well-thought out, I just believe that people should make a greater effort to seek a healthy moderation between the two worlds of pointless buzzfeedings and true mental stimulation that’s actually worthwhile. Also, by the logic in your super Nihilistic second paragraph, why does anyone do anything then?

      So in closing, I wish you luck as the obviously ambitious world-changer that you are, and keep working on that reading comprehension big guy, because the SATs are right around the corner!


      • Nina Stark says:

        I am not offended by your article or that statement, but because I disagree with some aspects that then makes me “what’s wrong with America?” I am not attacking you, and I think you did a great job of explaining yourself (you’re obviously very clever and intelligent). However, I in a way feel judged and attacked. You know nothing about me, except now that sometimes my guilty pleasure is to peruse websites like buzzfeed and thought catalog. Beyond that, you don’t know my station in life, the things I have seen, the places I have traveled to, the books I have read or what I have accomplished in my life. So, yea Buzzfeed may be a waste of time but it does not mean every person who feeds into it is a waste of a human being. Different strokes for different folks, yo.

      • …I feel like between my last couple of paragraphs in the original post and the reply I left to this guy’s comment that I’ve really gone out of my way to say that my goal is not to judge or condemn people — everyone has their own guilty pleasures and that’s just fine — and I for sure don’t think that anyone who reads buzzfeed is a waste of a human being. No one is a waste of a human being, in my opinion, and it’s that very fact that makes me want to see people do and be more than just buzzfeeders or consumers 100% of the time. As I stated above, I just want to make sure that if people are going to focus so heavily on the “dessert” of buzzfeed that they make sure to leave room for the “health food” of creativity and contribution to the world, too. I could go into more detail but I feel like I’ve covered things pretty thoroughly at this point. That said I appreciate the respectful tone with which you shared your differing opinion and thank you for taking the time to read the blog and share your thoughts. Be well.


      • avy says:

        Nailed it…

  10. Dean Papastrat says:

    BuzzFeed occasionally posts interesting articles, but you have to search for them. Personally, I find BuzzFeed as a news source if what’s going on in the Internet world. It embodies what the internet acts as for younger users – an instant source of entertainment for pictures.

    Though your article makes very valid points, I think that basis of judging BuzzFeed as a legitimate news source is your problem. I prefer sites such as Medium for news and analysis, but I love reading BuzzFeed. It’s nice to have a break from intellectually stimulating activities for once in a while. I’m taking multivariate calculus in high school, and after evaluating more integrally than I can count, seeing funny GIFs makes my day.

    In all, the creators of BuzzFeed are also masterminds – they give people exactly what they crave without making them feel dumb, and that requires skill. Kudos to BuzzFeed for doing this, and let’s reduce the hate. I mean, if people can barely read an article on BuzzFeed forget the idea of reading a legitimate article.

  11. michael says:

    Yes. Hilarious and tragic in its accuracy. I would take it one step further in saying numbered lists in general are the absolute worst. They’re what mtv news was to reporting and journalism. A simple and ferociously irritating product of mindless psychologically obese wannabe socialites. I like to call those people clones as it seems they’re bountiful in nature and highly ordinary.

    • Agreed! And thanks for your time in checking the article out. …I can’t offer any further insight because I’m having a clone of my own write all my responses ;)

  12. Aninu says:

    I found this article because I had spent much time reading Buzzfeed posts, and I suddenly realized that I was losing too much time. I could be reading stupid lists and making quizzes many times a day, but I felt that something was wrong with that page, so a couple of days ago, I looked it up in Google “Buzzfeed is…bullshit…makes people stupid…” and so on. I was quite surprised that so many people were talking against Buzzfeed page.
    I live in Mexico, and we sometimes don’t have that much access to some ‘international’ information, and, as we all know, the social media ‘thing’ is getting too strong. Before knowing Buzzfeed, I had no idea that people were taking pictures of their food and posting them on Instagram, for example, or stuff like that. I confess that, in fact, I thought some of the lists were really hilarious and funny, but I didn’t feel like…comfortable with the page anymore because I always thought I should be doing something else.
    And as I was already familiar with all this social media thing, I wanted to know what Buzzfeed was really like for other people. And after reading your article and some other posts I found on the internet, I know what it is what made me feel uncomfortable: Buzzfeed sub estimates the readers, and it’s true, I mean while the lists can be very funny, it’s just a HUGE waste of time. It’s “brain fast food”. That scared me.
    It’s true, I got to read some interesting articles (or ‘stories’), but there’s much gossip, too, and the click bait thing sucks. So I stopped reading the site because really, I’ve got better things to do.
    Thank you for the article., I hope my english wasn’t too bad.

    • Aninu thanks so much for your comment, and for taking the time to read my post. I think you’ve really gotten the larger point of what I was trying to say, that is, it’s not buzzfeed itself that is the problem, it’s anything that we just mindlessly do for hours and hours when we could be doing something better with our talents. Obviously everyone needs some down time to just mentally relax, that’s what keeps us balanced and refreshed. But, to stick with the food example, if our entire diet was ice cream and beer, we’d be doing more damage to ourselves than good. Willpower is a struggle we all share, and a battle we all begin again on a daily basis, so I wish you luck with yours. And to be honest, your English was better than some native speakers I’ve come across before, so my compliments to you for that. Cheers! And thanks again!


  13. Bill says:

    Wow what a pretentious little turd you are. Also the whole snarky commenting on obesity and people’s food of choice is getting rather old. You’re going to have to start coming up with new ways to stick your giant head way up your own ass soon.

    • Oh my gosh thank you so much, William! I’m glad you took the time to criticize me for assuming people’s choices were indicative of their character (and vice versa)…and then literally in the second part of your run-on sentence you did the very same thing that you’d criticized me for doing! What a treat to have the definition of irony so well spelled out for me! Thanks again for your time, and good luck in your quest to leave a comment on every single article on the internet that rubs you the wrong way! Cheers!

  14. Neil Postman is rolling in his grave over Buzzfeed…

  15. Phil McCock says:

    Great Article, to the point, well written and very accurate! You want even more pain? Check out their youtube channels…

  16. paul says:

    I’d not heard of it. But then I do live in a tent in a tropical jungle just outside the range of the nearest cellphone tower….. and I have to say how grateful to you i am for the near instantaneous provision of both justification for, and complacency about, that position. X

  17. joe says:

    after reading your article honestly i have sort of enlightenment about buzzfeed, because i was quite curious like whats is buzzfeed and how they work, because im one of those people who reads buzzfeed’s article, plus im not from USA, im from a country called indonesia. well anyway, i work in media recently, and i found that buzzfeed accommodate what people wants, what kind of people? well i found that the people on internet mostly who pays attention to social media, or digital media, normally people who use internet (most of them) is a white collar worker, so psychologically the people who works in office like from 9am-5pm lets say, they always work behind the desk or behind the computer or laptop then they got bored, most of them because loads of work and deadline, so buzzfeed accommodate those people, so the people once open buzzfeed, they look something funny or stupid, because they want to laugh, they dont want to be serious or boring article, so buzzfeed doesn’t have to be educational or inspirational, if the people of internet wants some educational or inspirational they can open bbc.com or hufingtonpost.com. so im not saying that i disagree your article, but what you state your statement in this article is just the long term impact of “the people accommodation in internet” so buzzfeed looks really bad media.

  18. […] also bulleted, listed, and condensed — thereby stripping much of its long-term substance (thanks, Buzzfeed).  This makes information’s relative importance fleeting when stacked on top of a pig pile […]

  19. Loran says:

    Just some advice for next time: maybe try and write it in a way that doesn’t sound aggressive or put-off the reader? Like, you really don’t need to ignorantly be rude to someone if they enjoy Buzzfeed. I skipped the entirety of the article just for the first two sentences.

  20. Tyler says:

    (Note…I’m sharing my opinion. Its what comments are for right? I hope you all are as mature as I think you are…Also, I think Dustin has created a nice article here. Very well put together. He holds his ground on the topic very nicely. And he has a solid point…Kind of…)

    Buzzfeed is better than you’re making it sound. Pointing out the occasional pointless topics just to shame the company is immature. Buzzfeed saves us from the everyday monochromic boring lifestyle we live with a splash of color and randomness. Nice little quizzes to pass the time while you’re on the train, and fresh news if you happened to forget your morning papers. Buzzfeed was made to appeal to our younger generation. Its hot style keeps the company afloat and I see some people can’t seem to comprehend that. And on to the lists…You don’t even have to dig to find the good ones. 28 Spoilers Everyone Should Know Right Now is a nice little topic. 17 Struggles Everyone Who Works On The Weekend Will Understand is also an interesting post. You can start to notice a pattern…Certain topics will relate to certain people. If the topic’s title is revolving around something you haven’t done and will probably never do, and you don’t want to waste your time reading something you wont understand, there is one simple solution…Don’t click on it. It’s not hard. Unless your a cat. Then curiosity will kill the cat…’s time. Now, if you’re a colorless unrealatable blob of slime, then I can see why nothing on Buzzfeed interests you. You may have to do some digging, but I’m sure there is something by those creative souls that is sure to put a smile on your face. Do you like pets and animals? They have many tips on picking the pet for you! Do you like tech and computers? Countless articles on computers and top manufacturers! Are you just looking for something to laugh at and pass the time? Well….Look no further….Buzzfeed isn’t a company centered around being all about business and organization. Nor is it centered around nothing at all. It’s content may seem like a random stream of blah blah bloo bleep that you don’t care for….But it’s a fun rainbow to ride on when the blandness of the everyday cycle has you bound to the ground.

    I hope that you can now see that Buzzfeed is a whole lot more that what you’re making it…

    • Alexmrb says:

      BuzzFeed is not a colourful website filled with enjoyable content, nor is it a webpage which is informative and rich in spirit. Instead, it is comparable to a sloppy poster project created by a fourth grader with no prior computer experience, given that all of their poorly-summarized information is loaded with large pictures and titles with uneven font sizes. Additionally, their sloppiness with grammar is also appalling, given that millions of Americans flock to their site in hopes of being entertained by what they have to offer. Sure, there may be some websites out there which are monotone and boring, but it’s content from sites such as BuzzFeed which contribute to the waning interest shown towards sites which strive to put effort in their work, such as Gawker and The Onion (which, may I remind you, provide enough cuss words to satisfy even the most depressed and gloomy of individuals.) It’s like the Twinkie of the media world–nauseating, devoid of any nutrition, and not satisfying whatsoever.

    • eh i get what Buzzfeed (and by extension, yourself) are going for, and i appreciate and respect you sharing your opinion in such a healthy way. that said, my concern is that the general American public lacks the willpower to consume Buzzfeed for the “sugars and fats” part of the digital food pyramid that it is and will just gorge itself on nonsense until it is too (intellectually) out of shape to do anything about it. but ultimately a lot of this shakes down to a subjective opinion and i’d never begrudge you yours. thanks for the thoughts! :)

  21. Ixoziel says:

    I completely agree. I often google random things that annoy me to see if I can find similar opinions, and half the time I click on that website by accident. I actually didn’t realize it was the same website until I tried clicking through a few of the articles. I couldn’t get through the first list because the… annoying (trying to control my language) GIFs were infuriating me. They’re not even good GIFs, they’re just really “cheerful” and “funny”. It honestly makes me sick. It’s like the laugh track on sitcoms.

    A similar thing on other “news” sites… sometimes I click on a story to read it, and i’m confronted with an annoying news video with stupid music and annoying, cheerful announcers. I just wanted facts, and instead I have to listen to a couple of morons yapping to each other and dancing around the point for 20-25 seconds.

    Are writers this hard to find? Are they so rare that they have to hire meme-esque GIF posters and random actors to “report” the news?

    Another annoying thing (kind of unrelated, but I’m in the middle of an angry rant now) is sensationalist media. For example, when there’s a shooting, the victim is always portrayed in the best possible light. They find the most flattering images, and completely avoid saying anything negative that may have had to do with the shooting. Emotionally charged media like that just pushes my buttons in all the wrong way. They always paint the victim as the good guy, and the shooter as the bad guy. I’m referring to cop shootings mainly, where many of the shootings ARE justified, but the criminals are glamorized and made to look like completely innocent darlings despite their outstanding felony warrants.

    • yeah there’s obviously a ton of nuance to actual reporting from legitimate news sites, so credit Buzzfeed for at least realizing they’re not equipped for that and sticking to what they can do. thanks for the thoughts!

  22. avy says:

    Really nice work Dustin… But I must really say that buzzfeed really accompanied me in hard times so that I could really do nothing except to see the website. I would say how stupid some stuffs really were, still I cannot deny the fact that I click on to check that. Still loved your article. I’m from India. Hope you can understand my English.

    • your English is great! and most things aren’t inherently bad, it’s how we use them, so if Buzzfeed got you through some hard times then I’m super glad it was there for you, and I hope you continue to use it well :)

  23. CoolKevin2017 says:

    Yeah like seriously buzzfeed sucks a massive cock literally I just don’t fucking understand their articles it just dosen’t make any fucking sense and every time I use Facebook I see recommended posts about buzzshit articles

  24. Vallium says:

    I came to this article to find out what the big deal about buzzfeed is, all I found was something overly salty about their simplicity and mechanics. Why do you give a shit?

    Besides that, you’re link regarding the “51 Colorful and Delicious ways to eat spring vegetables”…no, it was not just salad, there were other recipes in there hence why they didn’t simply use the word “salad”. They were a comprehensive list on how to eat healthy vegetables, which for simple perusing can be useful.

    …If you wanted to maintain some actua criticism again st buzzfeed, the only valuable information posed in another article on the internet was the pose as “journalists” when they only make articles for entertainment. That’s a legitimate complaint about why they suck, not some grumpy article complaining about how it takes no brain cells to read some thing for entertainment. Well no shit

    • lol “overly salty” “why do you give a shit” — my guy do you understand how an op ed article works? a subjective opinion can’t be “overly salty” if it’s how i actually feel. if it’s saltier than how YOU think i should feel, well guess what, that’s not how opinions work. if you just want to “find out what the big deal” about something is, next time just google it. wouldn’t want you to land on any grumpy articles by mistake. and if you’re thinking to yourself:

      “But I already DID” google it, that’s how I ended up here…hmm, maybe I’m just not very good at google, and by extension, the entire internet. Wow, maybe that means I’M the grumpy one after all.”

      Well no shit.

  25. asian man says:

    … is it bad that my uncle works for Buzzfeed?

  26. Very well written article and true. Yes, I dislike Buzzfeed because of all the reasons you mentioned but my biggest red flag is that they constantly keep stealing content from other online creators and don´t give any credit for them.

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