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2015: The Year in Review

In our speed-focused modern society it’s getting harder and harder to be the first to do anything (I’m pretty sure I was first like and first comment on Taylor Swift’s instagram the other day…if only I could’ve thought of some way to let her know that, I’m sure she’d be interested) and you people come to my blog because I bring you what the people want, when they want it, before anybody else! And also for my Twilight fan fiction! (er wait, that’s my OTHER blog…). So with that in mind, I allow me to be the FIRST to present:


The only movie released so far in 2015, at midnight January 1, EVERYONE agrees that the absolute best movie of 2015 is The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death. Critics are already calling it “the only new movie released so far in 2015” and “technically playing in theaters near you.” Presumably a story about a woman that works at Hot Topic, the sequel is notable for being the first WiB movie to not star Daniel Radcliffe.

The music of 2015 can be defined with one overwhelmingly popular genre: PARADE MUSIC. Whether it’s marching bands or pop stars you’ve never heard of lip-sycning their own tunes, 2015 was just chock full of all the music you’d expect from parades and football pre-game shows. The fans have spoken, and parade music was BIG in 2015 and it’s not going anywhere! Friends, start making your parade music mix CDs and Spotify playlists NOW, because this is one trend that will always feel SO 2015.

Whether it was headaches from the night before or still being drunk from the night before, it’s clear based on all evidence that 2015 is the year of the HANGOVER. Almost out of nowhere and universally adopted, it seems like I don’t have a single friend in 2015 that wasn’t full committed to hangover life.  That’s right, get your 64oz Gatorade, put on your sweatpants and park it on your couch with every intention of never moving and never drinking again, because that’s what 2015 is ALL ABOUT. Trouble keeping food down? No worries, nausea and inability to eat are some of the most 2015 things happening.


A GIANT trend that took the country by storm in 2015 was almost everyone no longer goes to their jobs. Oh they’re still employed all right, but THE hot move in 2015 was that almost no one had to go into work! Experts estimate that almost 90% of US workforces haven’t even gone into work ONCE so far in 2015, and it looks like that’s just fine with millions of American citizens.

Though many types of spirits were enjoyed, 2015 seemed to suddenly shift from normal drinking to almost exclusively champagne! It looks like almost everyone of legal drinking age in the US had at least one glass of champagne (if not many more ;), which marks a big shift from the usual beer, wine, and spirits diversity that American patrons usually enjoy on an average night. As far as food, it seemed like everyone was enjoying pizza and easy-to-process foods enjoyed with friends on the couch while nursing a hangover. So 2015 of them!

Whether you were throwing it back or just enjoying it like normal, it’s clear that Thursdays were THE in day for 2015! Every single day in 2015 has been a Thursday, and citizens are calling it the defining mark of the year. What will this mean for the school system and work week? One day we’ll know, and if this trend holds true, then that day will probably be a Thursday, like every day of 2015 has been thus far! Who saw that coming??

In another absolute shocker that has to be noted, 2015 brought us the trend of ALL BANKS AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS BEING CLOSED. That’s right, whether it’s checking, home loans, stocks, etc.; it doesn’t matter what bank or financial issue you had, because your bank was closed for every day of 2015! What will this mean for economic future? Is this tied to the new trend of employees not having to do work anymore? It looks like “banker’s hours” just became even better than they already were. ;)

Bowl games, bowl games, bowl games! Apparently not content to play out an entire season, 2015 will be remembered for every day playing several high stakes college football games! Regardless of the results, fans loved that we got right to the bigtime action and fanfare that comes with bowl games! Thanks 2015, looking forward to continuing to see bowl games every day!

WELL, there you have it! The most complete (and more importantly, FIRST) review of 2015! What trends did you like most? What ones do you miss? And what do you think it means for 2016? I don’t know, but I’m excited to find out and continue to be NUMBER ONE for you and your yearly review needs!

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2015: A Look Back

2015: A Look Back

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