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There Can Be Only One (or Four): My WE3k at #E3.

One or Four? Four or One? Xbox or Playstation? Sony or Microsoft? 1 or 4? The debate between which of those two numbers is better hasn’t been this heated since the Rocky series of movies was released, but in 2013 it’s more relevant than ever.

I spent the week at the world’s premier video game convention, E3 (an acronym that stands for: Electronic Entertainment Expo, which I had to google), trying to come up with an answer to that all-important question of the day, and I think I have.

But it wouldn’t be much of a post if I just told you which one I liked best right out of the gate (spoiler alert: PS4), so allow me to take you on a journey of extraneous detail and uneducated observations that I like to call:

MY WE3K AT E3: The Everyman’s Essential Exploration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo’s Earliest Entries into the Ether (or, The E3x3, for short).

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