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The Extremism of Moderation

Shalom! (That’s the Hebrew word for “I speak English; my ancestors moved here at least 150 years ago.”)

Tonight (today) I have three topics on my heart, but only have time to comment on one of them, so the other two may have to wait for another time. …Fair warning, I am not particularly qualified to share on any of these three topics, but it’s 2012 and that sort of consideration doesn’t seem to stop anyone else, so there you have it. Welcome to the age we live in. Second warning: these topics are somewhat sad and wrenching (to me, at least), so if you’re tuned in hoping for lighter fare, it might be a good time to scoot on over to Perez Hilton — I hear they’ve found evidence of a Kardashian/Bieber/Downton Abbey super-meme that actually memes for you, while you meme. Meme.

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