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One Month Update

Greetings to everyone, Internet Dustin here to give you the skinny (information) on The Skinny (me).

It’s been exactly one month since I made the official “I’m Moving Out West” Announcement and clogged all of your email inboxes and facebook profiles with pleas for help, money, work, and the like. Last time when I wrote you, I didn’t have a place to live, a job, or a roommate. Well, I’m happy to announce that as of today, I don’t have a place to live, a job, or a roommate. Now, that might not sound like “progress” in the traditional sense of the word (i.e. accomplishing anything), but that’s where you’re right. Where you’re wrong, however, is in assuming that things aren’t actually going very well re: the transition out to the Left Coast. But as Reading Rainbow alum Lavar Burton was fond of saying, “don’t take my word for it! Remember when I was on Star Trek?” So in that spirit, here are some outside examples of the positives thus far (with more to follow):

+Met with an ad agency VP who saw some of my work and wants to hook me up with his agent/casting director/manager/standup-comic buddies in LA.

+Found some very decent potential places to live that are in nice parts of town but still fall within my price range.

+Have some solid leads on jobs that I can do whilst I’m waiting in the approximately 5-year-long line to get into the entertainment industry.

+Continue to save money at an almost impossible rate (in ten days I only spent $18. Period. Impressed?) to make the cross-country trek.

+Have my mighty circle of connections hard at work trying to help me hammer out the details — you guys rock.

+Met with an industry-insider WGA writer who’s working with me to shape my plan of attack to get into the biz.

+Am still going out with my friends way too much, and drinking heavily…maybe that’s not actually a positive…

+And much more!

So there you have at, I’m just barely above SOL on this whole thing, but that’s already better than most people do with this kind of dream, so I’ll take it. If you need more details, feel free to hit me up via cell/email/facebook/myspace/whatever. I should have more for you soon, but the next couple weeks I’ll be focused on finishing up work out here at the production studio, visiting everyone who’s in town before I leave, doing extended-family Christmas in Michigan, and trying desperately not to botch up my friend’s wedding that I’m in.


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