The Friday Five: Best House of Heroes Music Videos

Those of you that have had the fortune/misfortune of following my escapades will know that I toured with a band called House of Heroes for a while. In addition to being some ridiculously talented musicians, some great friends, and all-around good dudes, these guys have put out some pretty good rock music videos over the years. You can (and should) buy all of their media that you can get your hands on at iTunes, and their rarities/B-sides album that comes out in a couple weeks. Am I biased? Absolutely. But don’t let that take away from the hard work and awesomeness that’s gone in to their body of work. Anyway here are House of Heroes’ Top Five  music videos for this week’s Friday Five. Share and enjoy. Visit for their info and updates.

5) — Song: Ten Months, Album: Ten Months.
Okay so technically this music video comes from House of Heroes’ precursor band, No Tagbacks. But it’s all the same guys bringing the noise and it still holds up. There’s also something to be said about having a career as musicians that predates HD television. That’s what 14 years of touring and playing together looks like.

4) —Song: In the Valley of the Dying Sun, Album: The End is Not the End.
Unconventionally catchy is the phrase that pops into my mind every time I hear this single, but the music video does a good job of highlighting the story behind the lyrics, showing the depth that a lot of modern musical acts lack in their writing.


3) — Song: Serial Sleepers, Album: Say No More (and/or the self-titled).
The cold open on this video gives me a rock n’ roll erection every time I see it (a rockerection?) and the high note that lead-singer Tim hits during the bridge is a musical moment of badassery on par with the climax of Rivers Cuomo’s guitar solo in Buddy Holly. (I know I said erection and climax in the same sentence, so I’d like to apologize in advance to any angry, overly-conservative moms who read this this).

2) — Song: God Save the Foolish Kings, Album: Suburba.
This song is so catchy that it actually made House of Heroes’ label mate, Stephanie Smith (the blonde who does the guest vocal in this video), marry one of the HoH bandmembers (ok don’t fact-check me on that, but still it’s VERY catchy).

1) — Song: So Far Away, Album: Suburba.
This may not be the very best House of Heroes song of all time (but only because they have so many SPECTACULAR songs to choose from in their massive musical catalogue), but this video absolutely crushes. You don’t even have to know the guys to appreciate the struggle of a band that’s been touring nonstop for fourteen years, continuing to make great music in an industry that continually shuns quality for gimmickry and a quick buck. This video shows that the HoH guys can tug at heartstrings as effectively as they can guitar strings. It helps that the video’s director (my buddy and yours, Isaac Deitz) is no slouch behind the camera, either.

Make sure to check out more from the HoH catalogue on their youtube channel (you may even see me pop up in a few of their old vlogs), and track down their twitter and facebook pages to find them live in a town near you! It’s also worth noting that their current album, Cold Hard Want, is chock full of GREAT music (and some really killer lyric videos on the HoH youtube), but they haven’t had a chance to shoot more than one music video for that record yet, thus why there aren’t any tracks from that album on this list. But go buy it anyway, because it’s sweet (I even sing some background vocals on about half the tracks, so that alone is worth your $8).

Play on,

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