30 in 30, Day 18: Day of Rest

Today was a great day, and a very necessary one to recharge the batteries — spiritually, physically, emotionally, and footbally (Mich won, Bengals lost, Man U won…2/3 ain’t bad). As I close out this day of rest with what will almost certainly be a night of not-much-rest, I leave you with some previously-conjured posts to help you pass the time on my day off from the 30 in 30 project, until I’m back at it tomorrow. Thanks, as always, for your time and attention, and I hope neither feels wasted when you peruse my creative works here.


My faux-review of a two-year-old movie (hint: it’s Wall•E)

Wanna date me? Here are the dealbreakers to avoid.

Why Friday the 13th shouldn’t bother you more than any other day.



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