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Epic Movie Trailer Machine x 9000!

You like teaser trailers, right? Like the latest ones for super-spy Jimmy Bandaids and The Men of Anchoring sequels? Well then you’re in luck, because I have one minute and three seconds of great news to kick off your weekend! There’s another blockbuster teaser trailer that just came out, and you’re seeing it here, first! Unless you saw it on my youtube, twitter, or facesbook first. Enjoy.

Play on,

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30 in 30, Day 17: Twitter, the Movie (Trailer)

I got to hang with a few of my buddies over the weekend who also happen to be in one of the world’s ass-kickingest bands (House of Heroes). It made me miss being on the road with them, which fused with my longtime desire to try out the ol’ iMovie Trailer feature resulted in this mishmash of old footage that I cut together to amuse myself. If you don’t find it fully hilarious, you just haven’t had enough to drink yet. Enjoy.


“In a world where society and distance kept them apart, twitter brought them closer than ever.”

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