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Bible 3!

I was internetting recently and I came across this headline/banner ad:

Bible 3

I have no idea what that link refers to, but at first glance, I interpreted it as a movie/sequel title akin to Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. As in, Bible 3: Whoa! and the article was about some fun moments they had on set. This leads me to my next set of thoughts, in a segment I like to call:

Dustin’s Pitch for Bible 3: Whoa!, a treatment for the threequel Hollywood never knew it didn’t want to make.

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Dustin’s Three to See: February

Don’t get out to the movies as often as, say, a single 29-year-old man-child with an escapism complex? Well don’t fret, I’ve taken all of Hollywood’s shoddy offerings and narrowed them down to the three that won’t make your $20 movie ticket feel like a total waste. I call it Dustin’s Three to See because I was raised to believe that rhyming things are better than non-rhyming things.

February is historically known for three things: Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and $5-Footlongs at Subway. If I’m being honest, all three get me about equally excited. February is typically a pretty slow month for movies — and despite its romantic trappings, nary a single rom-com or rom-dram was released (rom-dram is an abbreviation I just invented for romantic drama). But I get it, even if there aren’t any good romance movies out, you’re still gonna need to find an hour and a half to kill between your romantic dinner and when you and your super hot girlfriend can go makeout in the car. With that in mind, here’s the three movies worth seeing from February:

Movie 1) — Warm Bodies
It’s a classic story of boy meets girl. The only snag is that the boy is dead, and sort of wants to eat the girl’s brains. It’s like Twilight, except for in this movie the lead’s acting is actually supposed to be stilted and lifeless (sorry K-Stew (not really)). I’m a little biased toward this movie because it’s essentially the same premise as a movie idea I had in college, and so the fact that it got made gives me some weird sort of validation (it doesn’t take much) despite the fact that I had nothing to do with it. The story is cute enough, the gore is calmer than trying to convince your girlfriend to watch The Walking Dead with you every week, that’s a win/win in my book.

AKA Drop Dead Fred

AKA Drop Dead Fred

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30 in 30, Day 20: Analysis of Screenwriting

Being a world-famous writer of stage, screen, and craigslist, people often come to me for help with their writing projects, or just to ask for my critique of whatever sorts of movies have come out recently. A lot of times, they want me to give them the secret of my success. Well obviously not everyone can hope to achieve the same level of noteworthiness as I have, but as a starting off point, I have put together a brief analysis of some popular screenwriting styles that you can compare and contrast. What you do with that knowledge afterwards is up to you, I just ask that you thank me in the credits when you sell your first million-dollar script.


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30 in 30, Day 10: Penelope’s Quest

As you may or may not know (or care), I wrote the audioplay for the radio-show-style adaptation of a children’s book called Penelope’s Quest (shout out to Marsha Zimmerman who wrote the awesome source material we adapted this from). I was also able to voice one of the characters and do some light producing and co-directing for the project. As part of my 30 in 30 project, I wanted to share a small sample of this project with you (for copyright reasons I can’t share the entire thing, but it’s a great read/listen for children, and I encourage you to check it out if you have interest). Hopefully if you have a child you’ll enjoy it, or maybe if you just have an inner-child you’ll enjoy it…or maybe you just want more of my voice to listen to, to help you fall asleep at night. That definitely wouldn’t be creepy.

Penelope’s Quest audioplay excerpt (approx. 5:00 minutes):

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