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30 in 30, Day 14: A Prayer

There are times where it is difficult to remember that we have freedom and victory through Christ over the weakness of the body and the finality of death. Today has been one of those times for my family. I don’t really feel that it’s my place — nor is this the proper forum — to go into detail, but what I would like to leave you with for today, is a prayer. Neither grandiose nor impressively composed, its purpose is just to be the vehicle with which something greater may be stirred in you.

A Prayer:

That when your vision is clouded, you would see your blessings more clearly.
That when your ears are tired, you would hear the whispers of a still, small voice.
That when your voice is weak, your silence would speak your meanings.
That when your hands quiver, you would steady yourself on those whom you love.
That when your hope seems far off, you would find courage your compass.
That when your peace is shaken, you would find it a call to action.
And that when your heart is stopped, your love would flow unceasingly.

God bless. So be it.

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30 in 30, Day 4: Day of Rest

Hey folks.

As I mentioned at the onset of this project, an important part of my 30 days of creativity would be to take Sundays off as a day of rest, set apart from the intense schedule of creation I’d set for myself.  For me, this is a way to honor the God who gives me all of my days, and a chance to relax and just bask in the beauty that is life. But regardless of your personal beliefs, I am certain that taking a day off to relax, recharge, and rekindle the joy you have in your life is a vital part to staying positive and productive in life. I encourage anyone who doesn’t ever really give themselves a chance to just “turn off” for a day to take a look at doing things this way, and I think you’ll be surprised at how much a day of rest can positively impact your other days of non-rest.

I went to a Jack’s Mannequin show tonight, and let me just say, there are few acts/people that hit me in the same way that he does, musically, and every show feels like a privilege, and a treasure that I get to hold on to. If you aren’t familiar with Jack’s Mannequin (or his previous, equally-life-changing-for-me band, Something Corporate), you need to check him out right stat now.

If you are looking for entertainment until I post tomorrow’s new thing, check out the previous 30 in 30 entries thus far.

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Be well, see you tomorrow.

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