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30 in 30, Day 15: House of House Music

For today’s post, I’m dropping (do cool people still say “dropping” or is it just me and Carson Daly?) another remix I created — this one is of the House of Heroes string intro (started out at about 30 seconds long) from their album, The End is Not The End. They actually had me make this to use as a set intro, but it never ended up seeing the light of day (aside from background music in the HoH vlogs I made whilst out on the road with them). Enjoy it. Or don’t. I won’t lose sleep over it (probably just because I don’t have much sleep to lose to begin with).

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30 in 30, Day 12: Remixed Signals

Today’s 30 in 30 is my first (and likely last) attempt at a remix of a song (in this case, America’s Sweethearts by Fall Out Boy). With Patrick Stump going solo and electronic, it seemed like it’d be cool timing and a fun concept to mess with one of the singles off FOB’s last album. I won’t be quitting my day job to become a DJ anytime soon, but it was a fun stretch, creatively. And dang it, isn’t that the point?

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