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30 in 30, Day 24: NFL ProTips

Ok so I’m asked a lot about my advice for the NFL season, and while I don’t claim to have any inside knowledge, it seemed like a good time to share some of my tips and tricks for the real life and fantasy pro football season.

Tip 1) Don’t overpay for Chris Johnson. One of my fantasy football drafts was an auction draft, and I got Chris Johnson for about $10 under what he was worth. This is good fantasy math, but terrible regular math. But be wary, guys who just held out for big contract extensions rarely live up to their new dollar value right away.

Tip 2) Pick a good RB corps: it’s a run-heavy league, make sure you’re not left in the dust! Or worse, other clichés! Manage your team’s running backs like the Baltimore Ravens manage theirs: a solid rotation of three good backs, and a standing rule never to make eye contact with Ray Lewis.
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30 in 30, Day 10: Penelope’s Quest

As you may or may not know (or care), I wrote the audioplay for the radio-show-style adaptation of a children’s book called Penelope’s Quest (shout out to Marsha Zimmerman who wrote the awesome source material we adapted this from). I was also able to voice one of the characters and do some light producing and co-directing for the project. As part of my 30 in 30 project, I wanted to share a small sample of this project with you (for copyright reasons I can’t share the entire thing, but it’s a great read/listen for children, and I encourage you to check it out if you have interest). Hopefully if you have a child you’ll enjoy it, or maybe if you just have an inner-child you’ll enjoy it…or maybe you just want more of my voice to listen to, to help you fall asleep at night. That definitely wouldn’t be creepy.

Penelope’s Quest audioplay excerpt (approx. 5:00 minutes):

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All the Right Moves (Look Forward to Failure)

Maybe it’s because I took two full-power shots to the back of the head from close range while we were playing soccer, or maybe it’s because I’ve got World Cup Fever like a bad case of herpes (sidenote: is there any such thing as a “good” case of herpes? Like, a doctor says, “Well we thought you’d need a liver transplant, but it turns out that the herpes killed all the bacteria, so now you’re fine. What a good case of herpes!”), but today I was compelled to write about European fūtbol, AKA soccer.  Or as it’s known in America, “that show that comes on before coverage of baseball/tennis/golf starts.”

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