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30 in 30, Day 8: Pregaming Episode 2

For those of you who enjoyed last week’s premiere edition of the official Heveron Bros. sports podcast: Pregaming with Dustin & Jared, you will probably love this week’s even Heveronier, more jam-packed version! For those who hated last week’s pod, you will probably hate this one as well. But sometime’s there’s just no pleasing you. You know who you are. I’m looking at you, Mariah. (Call me back).

Listen to the pod on my personal website which looks like it was made by an eighth-grader here.

Or subscribe to Pregaming in the slightly-more-professional-feeling iTunes podcast center here.

As always you can join in the action by commenting what you liked/disliked on the blog, or via my twitter (@ocdustino) or carrier-pigeon, whichever you prefer.


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30 in 30, Day 2: There’s No “Compliance Department Violation” in “Team”

“If we do well, I’d be comfortable doing just about anything.” — James Patrick Tressel, in the September 11, 2005 press conference that followed a 25-22 Ohio State loss to the University of Texas.

In what historians will note as Jim Tressel displaying an impressive amount of honesty and clairvoyance while discussing the implementation of a dual-quarterback offensive system (you think anyone ever offered to trade anything with Todd Boeckman in exchange for his bench-QB clipboard?), Pete “The Irony of This Quote Isn’t Lost on Me” Thamel of the New York Times probed deeper into the psyche of the Ohio State football head coach than anyone would realize until May 31st, 2011 — the day Tressel “resigned” and the day the music died for an OSU marching band that figured they’d have a decent shot at accompanying their team to Louisiana for the BCS National Championship Game.
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