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30 in 30, Day 4: Day of Rest

Hey folks.

As I mentioned at the onset of this project, an important part of my 30 days of creativity would be to take Sundays off as a day of rest, set apart from the intense schedule of creation I’d set for myself.  For me, this is a way to honor the God who gives me all of my days, and a chance to relax and just bask in the beauty that is life. But regardless of your personal beliefs, I am certain that taking a day off to relax, recharge, and rekindle the joy you have in your life is a vital part to staying positive and productive in life. I encourage anyone who doesn’t ever really give themselves a chance to just “turn off” for a day to take a look at doing things this way, and I think you’ll be surprised at how much a day of rest can positively impact your other days of non-rest.

I went to a Jack’s Mannequin show tonight, and let me just say, there are few acts/people that hit me in the same way that he does, musically, and every show feels like a privilege, and a treasure that I get to hold on to. If you aren’t familiar with Jack’s Mannequin (or his previous, equally-life-changing-for-me band, Something Corporate), you need to check him out right stat now.

If you are looking for entertainment until I post tomorrow’s new thing, check out the previous 30 in 30 entries thus far.

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Be well, see you tomorrow.

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