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How I Lost All My Followers

Special disclaimer for attractive girls: good news, none of what I’m about to say applies to you, so you can just skip ahead to the end or read another of my posts or go back to taking selfies or whatever it is you do between getting hit on and tanning.

Everyone else, buckle in, because you need to hear this. I might’ve just unfollowed you on Twitter or Instagram or Google+ (ha just kidding about that last one, I don’t even know how to activate Google+…unless wait, is this it? Are we on Google+ right now? Is me typing this going to be in one of their sad commercials?).

I love you.

(I figure if they do use this in a Google+ commercial, me typing “I love you” is the part they’ll wanna use, for the strong emotional context it provides. I don’t really love you, but I do like you, and I’m glad we’re friends. Unless we’re strangers, but that’s cool too because it’s the internet and nothing bad ever happens from meeting strangers on the internet)

But I digress.

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30 in 30, Day 26: Your Emo Acoustic Fix for the Day

In contrast to the last song I toyed with, this time I wanted to lay down something acoustic and pretty bare from a recording standpoint (I did everything in pretty much one take, minus the bridge vocals because they overlap slightly), so I picked a song that I’ve always sort of vibed with when I’m in my slightly more emo moods. Like most of the things I’ve been doing in this 30 in 30 project, it’s less about showing off what a stellar musician/vocalist I am (clearly not the case), and more about continuing to spur myself on creatively and stretch my comfortability with different mediums. As always, share anything you like with your friends, and please feel free to criticize all my musical flaws and shortcomings in the comments section.


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