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The Space Between (DMB Blows But I Like the Pun)

Part of my persona as a completely pretentious A-hole and general connoisseur of all things snobby is being really douchey about peoples’ spelling and grammar.  Yes, I’m That Guy…you know that guy that everybody hates for calling people out in public for any of the following:

*Using the “words” irregardless or nother (as in “a whole nother”), the phrase “I could care less” (when you mean you couldn’t care less), etc.
*The differences between it’s/its, they’re/their/there, to/too/two, who’s/whose, your/you’re, et al.
*TyPiNG lIkE tHiS oR aNy VaRiAtIoN tHeReOf
*General apostrophe usage

There are countless more examples, but you get the idea.   Continue reading

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