One-Man Biker Gang

Blogs are stupid. Oh yeah? Well, you’re stupid. So there.

If you need more proof than that to convince you of how idiotic the concept of blogging is, then your name might be Miss Teen Louisiana. However, if you insist on subjecting yourself to the biased and unedited thoughts of others in lieu of forming your own thoughts about things, here are two blogs that I recommend: — This is my brother’s freshly started blog. My guess is that (like most of his projects) he will work at this until he loses interest or something shiny catches his eye. But maybe if we can get enough people reading, he’ll stick to it more loyally than his first three colleges. — This blog is that of a pretty good friend of mine, who I believe wants to remain mildly nameless. His stuff is good, it’s funny, and it’s more frequently posted than mine. My guess is that his readership is large enough not to need the meager boost that this post will give him, but gosh darnit, it just feels right to give homeboy some props. Consider yourself propped, Holy Juan.

Fantasy Corner: I kicked some major ass in all my leagues this week, putting me at 3-5 in the Cowtown League; 6-2 in the XMFFFL, and an embarrassing 2-5-1 in the Bros and Hos League. Hopefully I can keep my win streak alive until Tony Romo heals completely.

Also, for those of you who remember this blog, the very same Olympic athlete that I mentioned in the latter half of my post must’ve been googling herself recently (as I often do myself…don’t judge me) and found my post, then added me on facebook. This will go down as the single greatest moment in my life. Awesome.

My advice for the week:
+Read my bro’s blog
+Don’t see Eagle Eye (sober)
+See Pride & Glory (don’t believe the reviews, it’s good)
+Get out of the house every once in awhile
+Say hello to your mother for me


You don’t mess with me when I’m on my hog. Very badass.


2 thoughts on “One-Man Biker Gang

  1. jared says:

    thanks for the shout out, BRAH! your description is frighteningly accurate, haha.
    say hi to your mother for me.

  2. Doug says:

    I just added you to my highly regarded link list.

    Be prepared for your traffic to increase 10 fold!*

    *Statistics based on .25 person coming to your site per year.

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