Facebook is the Cocaine of Our Generation

Hey guys, Dustin here, happy to be back on the habit since we now have cable and internet in our house, thanks largely to Aaron “Let’s Get This Done” Covington.

First off, I’ll point out the obvious: that I made it safely to LA, I have a bed and clothes and things in a room that’s all my own, and yes, it’s warm here (special apologies to those of you living in the 614, where the high temperature will be a whopping 13º on Sunday). I am still unemployed (cue the naysayers’ snickering softly in the background), but have some decent prospects ranging from casting director for a reality TV show, to Starbucks barista (my top preference at this point) and everything in between.

To give those of you who are unfamiliar with the city some incentive to visit me, I’ve found out firsthand, that all the “bad” things about LA, really aren’t that bad. The traffic is heavy, but manageable (also, any city where U-turns are kosher is tops in my book); the gas prices are higher, but only slightly (I just filled up for $3.19 a gallon…not unreasonable); and there are no other flaws with this city, period. My house is pretty centrally located to everything (20 minutes away from south bay, maybe 5 or some from Hollywood and downtown, and 15 from Burbank, Studio City, Culver City, and two seconds away from USC campus, etc.), so it’s been handy for re-learning my way around town.

It’s been nice to see my Cali friends, though there’s still a few I’ve yet to catch up with (I’ll make it down to San Diego soon, Kyle, I promise); and my roommates have been solid thus far.

Other than that, I’m still the same old me, just wearing flip flops more often. Your guys’ phone calls, texts, emails and prayers have all been vital in keeping me going, so thanks in advance to all of you for being the best posse ever (regardless of the state).

I’ll update with new info as I have it, and I’d be happy to go into more detail in any area you’re curious about if I haven’t covered it here already.

Much love,

…Apparently I still have some unpacking to do.

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